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Furnaces heating long burning like buleryan

Furnaces heating long burning like buleryan
  • Furnaces heating long burning like buleryan
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Country of manufacture:Ukraine

SVAROG furnaces - a novelty in the Ukrainian market of furnaces. Created on analog with the Canadian furnaces, they unite in themselves profitability and a beautiful esthetic look. Furnaces have the improved design that gives the chance to watch process of burning through doors from heat-resistant glass.

"SVAROG" rather simply - by the principle of a gas generator, that is "the smoldering burning" works. The design of the furnace allows to heat and move evenly due to convection air evenly on all volume of the room. From below he soaks up in pipes which surround a fire chamber, cold air, and from above throws out the warm air heated to 70 — 90 Pages. At the same time, temperature of the surface of the furnace remains rather low, it, in difference from "potbelly stove" furnaces, is never heated.

The SVAROG furnace is very economic. Fuel in it burns down completely in two stages. In the first chamber there is a process of decay and release of oven gases, and in another - these gases burn down up to the end thanks to air supply in a secondary chamber. As a result, full combustion is reached (or, so-called, pure burning). Temperature of the coming-out gases, at the same time, reaches 200 — 300 With, and the efficiency increases to an indicator of 70 — 75%. Thus, at full laying of fuel, the furnace can work 8 — 12 hours, and sometimes more. As doors of a fire chamber are closed very hermetically, and temperature of the furnace low, "SVAROG" meets standards of fire safety that is confirmed with the test report. Except heating of the dwelling, production and warehouse, it can be used also for drying of a tree, heating of greenhouses, etc. In the presence of the built-in flue it is possible to install the furnace in any room. If it is necessary to build a flue for the SVAROG furnace, it is recommended to use a flue from stainless steel of factory production.

"Svarog 01" "Svarog 02" "Svarog 03" "Svarog 04" "Svarog 05"
Power, kW 11 20 29 38 46
Volume of the room, m3 200 400 600 1000 1300
Width (V), mm 610 610 610 680 680
Depth (A), mm 900 975 990 1150 1300
Height (C), mm 950 950 950 950 950
Mass of the furnace (net), kg 81 102 123 144 165
Diameter of a flue, mm 120 150 160 180 200
Thickness of steel, mm 3 3 3 3 3
Glass, mm 200*220 200*220 200*220 200*220 200*220
The recommended price with the VAT, UAH. 2300 3000 3600 4300 5000
Country of manufacture:Ukraine
Information is up-to-date: 16.04.2019
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