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About enterprise Izoterm, OOO


LLC Izoterm offers

production and services:

  • Delivery, installation, adjustment, repair, modernization, service:
    • refrigerating appliances;
    • central airs and ventilation;
    • heating;
    • flues;
    • "The clever house";
    • bioreactors and gas generators;
    • electric equipments;
  • The business plan, design, creation and reconstruction of rooms for cooling and storage of fruit and vegetable raw materials, seafood, meat.
    Technology of preparation, transportation and storage of production;
    Roofing and tin works;
  • Equipment of load-lifting cranes, hydraulic elevators, roofing felts of all types limiters of loading capacity and devices of protection for work near the high voltage line;
  • Production of ice generators, low-temperature tunnelnykhzamorazhivatel, independent mobile medium temperature refrigerators and bio-reactors;

and also we deliver:

  • central airs, ventilation, heating;
  • diesel power plants with power from 8 to 3500 kW;
  • petrolgenerators and diesel power plants figurative 2-15 kW;
  • Welding units, generators;
  • pumps, motor-pumps and compressor;
  • electromaterials, industrial electric equipment;
  • electric motors (AIR, AIRU, AD, 4AMU90-315, 5AMU132, 4AMHD, etc.), generators, transformers, blocks of resistors, brakes, komando-controllers,
  • trade refrigerating and freezing show-windows, lari, cases, counters;
  • container for storage of fruit and vegetable raw materials;
  • refrigerating appliances;
  • instrumentations (KIP and A): devices for measurement of density (areometers), devices for measurement of pressure (manometers, manovakuummetra, vacuum gages, tyagonaproromer, naporomer), thermometers, chromatographs, gas analyzers, signaling devices;
  • automated control systems (ACS, UZO, AVR, control panels electric motors, frequency converters, automatic switches (automatic machines), relay);
  • transformers of current T-066 of a class of accuracy 0,5S, TOLU-10, TPLU-10, TOPA-0,66, TOP-0,66, TZLU-70, TZLU-70-1;
  • electric power counters: ZMD, ZMG 310... 405, SL 7000Smart, ACE 3000... 5000, NIK, Mercury;
  • knife switches, BP, DRP, automatic machines, UZO, relay, AVM, VA, AP, AE;
  • the electric lighting equipment - internal (for rooms), external (for lighting of streets, parks, facades), in that chislevzryvozashchishchenny and energy saving the house-keeper lamps, a searchlight;
  • the self-bearing isolated wire: AsXSn, SIP, SIP-5ng, SAPT and fittings for installation;
  • cable and wire of communication;
  • power cable;
  • cable fire-resistant Flame
  • Electric heaters, TEN, rings, PET furnaces
  • cranes and other load-lifting equipment, spare parts to it, including protection devices (loading capacity limiters (PZK-10, analog of the Russian OHK-M), devices of protection against the dangerous tension (ASON, UAS-1, UAS-10), ASTs anemometers, SDV-1M wind pressure signaling devices);
  • and also any other electric equipment by your order.


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