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Electric installation work, laying of cable, lighting in Odessa
At work, it is necessary to observe all normative requirements to the device of electroinstallations of buildings according to the operating state standards. Our specialists will carry out all necessary calculations, will carry out selection of the necessary equipment and the choice of necessary...
Group: Installation, starting-up and adjustment of electrical equipment
Flues from stainless steel in Odessa. Mounting and delivery
Now modular flues from stainless steel are popular alternative to traditional decisions from brick. The wide circulation of systems of corrosion-proof flues in the industry and in life is caused by several factors: they are universal and compatible to any heating equipment;set of chimneys and...
Group: Mounting and replacement of industrial smokestacks and flues
Vegetable storehouse, fruktokhranilishche, warehouse of seafood, refrigerator of fish, meat. Construction, design, business plan
Drawing up the business plan, design, construction, installation of storages of vegetables and fruit, refrigerators for meat and "turnkey" seafood, an expert assessment, reconstruction of warehouse in refrigerating warehouses
Group: Building of vegetable stores
Systems of ventilation, heating and conditioning. Any complexity of object: from the apartment, the private house to shopping center, from Split system before the central conditioning - consultations of specialists, sale and delivery
5224.8 UAH
- installation and commissioning - repair, cleaning, sink, seasonal service - filling with freon, ethylene glycol, water - test checks of systems of ventilation and conditioning - guarantee and post warranty maintenance - production of air ducts from galvanized steel our specialists in the shortest...
Group: Climate system setup
Installation, adjustment, repair, modernization and service of an elektrooborudovaniyaa of devices of safety of load-lifting cranes, hydraulic elevators
10449.6 UAH
Equipment of load-lifting cranes, hydraulic elevators, roofing felts of all types, loading capacity limiters (PZK-10, ONK-140, Bridge-1M, etc.). Delivery: forest products, industrial electric equipmen
Group: Services in repair, maintenance service and modernization of electric and electronic devices
Processing bactericidal and service of climatic systems (conditioners) and systems of ventilation
We carry out bactericidal processing and service of the climatic equipment (conditioners, Split systems) and systems of ventilation
Group: Climate system setup
Service (cleaning and refueling) of central airs and ventilation
Service (cleaning and refueling) of central airs and ventilation
Group: Climate system setup
Lightning protection, lighting protection installation in Odessa
We mount and carry out service of internal and external lightning protection in Odessa. We deliver accessories, active interception rods, UZIP
Group: Installation of lightning protection systems


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