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Steam generator electric, electrosteam generator of 9-600 kW

Steam generator electric, electrosteam generator of 9-600 kW
  • Steam generator electric, electrosteam generator of 9-600 kW
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If you want to get compact, mobile, completely autonomous and silent installation for production of steam and warm water, we offer you electrosteam generators. Our electrosteam generator is the environmentally friendly equipment which is suitable for needs of the industry, agriculture, private business, public service establishments.

Installation of electrosteam generators does not require the special room and registration in bodies of the Kotlonadzor. Such electrosteam generator can work even at not prepared water (drinking or from wells), at observance of certain requirements to service. We offer you an opportunity of production of electrosteam generators of any power and productivity.

Productivity Power
kg couple/hour kW
AVPE (N) for drying chambers
and parilny rooms
4 3
6 4,5
9 6
12 9
16 12
20 15
24 18
11 9
15 12
18 15
22 18
30 24
40 30
60 45
80 60
100 75
115 90
130 105
150 120
190 150
230 180
260 210
320 240
380 300
450 360
490 390
530 420
620 480
750 600
900 720
1000 780

Developers and producers of the modern, high-quality and reliable equipment for production of steam are glad to provide you the new production developed on the basis of the best achievements in world practice in the field of electroboilers - the AVPE ELECTROSTEAM GENERATOR which is alternative to traditional sources of steam supply.

  • compact, silent, completely independent device for production of steam;
  • it is structurally executed so that action "Rules for the Construction and Safe Operation steam and boilers, and also the vessels working under pressure" does not extend to it;
  • its installation does not require special rooms, it it is possible to arrange directly near objects of consumption of steam;
  • it is equipped with automatic equipment which allows to provide the operating and mode on duty, adjustment of power consumption, has several steps of protection and does not demand continuous presence of service personnel;
  • possibility of work as in the closed system of steam supply with a temperature of returnable condensate up to 100 °C, and in systems of a free steam-out on unprepared water at observance of certain requirements for service;
  • each AVPE is made individually taking into account the specification of the Customer, any power, productivity and a vapor pressure;
  • the possibility of management of AVPE with the personal computer is in addition provided;
  • to electrosteam generators pump stations, boiler superheaters or steam driers can be delivered;

Information is up-to-date: 16.04.2019
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