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Zamorazhivatel tunnel horizontal type

Zamorazhivatel tunnel horizontal type
  • Zamorazhivatel tunnel horizontal type
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Tunnel zamorazhivatel of horizontal type

In the course of a freezing, the seafood loaded into pallets passes through system of freezing on a moving tape, being plentifully sprinkled by liquid nitrogen which comes to the tunnel from a refrigerating cryogenic gazofikator. In a zamorazhivatel gaseous nitrogen by means of system of ventilation is divided into two streams, the first stream is used for preliminary cooling of products of a freezing, and its second part passes through cooling elements of the refrigerator in which the frozen production is stored. As a result of the maximum use of cooling opportunities of liquid nitrogen the superfast freezing with preservation of quality of initial color, taste and a trade dress of production is reached. In completely automated system of process of a freezing, the thermostat and the timer regulate supply of liquid nitrogen, and the special carriage evenly serves seafood to a zone of freezing of production.

Technical characteristics of a tunnel zamorazhivatel:

1. Working environment vapor-liquid, nitric
2. Temperature in the tunnel - 20. - 196C
3. The tray time spent in the tunnel 10 minutes
4. Quantity of trays in the tunnel 6 pieces
5. Power consumption of the fan 250 W
. Sizes of a loading window of the tunnel 150х630 mm
7. Overall dimensions 2508х893х1000 mm

Information is up-to-date: 17.05.2019
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